COVID-19 Response

Library services and policies related to COVID-19

COVID-19 and Southeastern Seminary

Like many institutions in the US and around the world, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is currently taking precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Seminary has a FAQ page on COVID-19, and you can learn more about the Seminary's response here. 

Library Reopening

The Library at Southeastern is open. Our hours are our normal hours. To ensure the safety of our patrons and staff, we are implementing the following measures beyond the measures already instituted by the Seminary. You can find out more about the basic institutional guidelines here

  • Library Staff and Facilities Management are working together to make sure hard surface areas are regularly cleaned at a heightened rate. 
  • Both in-person and distance circulation services are being restored. Patrons checking out books in-person will be asked to place them barcode up at the circulation desk. Library staff will scan the barcodes. Patrons will be asked to desensitize the books. 
  • All patrons and staff in the library should adhere to Southeastern's mask policy
  • Books may be returned at the book drop on the outside of the library. All returned books are quarantined for three days before returning to circulation.
  • The reference collection is available for use. However, we ask that you wear a mask while using reference materials and bring materials to the reference desk when done using.
  • Patrons and staff should maintain a social distance of at least six feet at all times. Library staff may request patrons to adhere to social distancing rules. Library staff and patrons are encouraged to wear a mask when in the Library except when sitting down and working. 
  • No more than two people at a time may sit at the larger library tables. No more than one person may sit at the smaller tables. 
  • Library Staff will continue to provide scanning services to patrons who request them if they are unable to enter the library due to quarantine or have other health risks that they want to avoid exposure.

How to Request a Scanned Item