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Archives and Special Collections at Southeastern: Finding Aids

This guide is designed to introduce researchers to Archives and Special Collections at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Finding Aids

Archival collections (personal papers and institutional records) are discoverable by using finding aids which provide contextual information about a collection, its components, and the person, family, or organization that created the materials it contains. Finding aids also provide important information about access policies for a collection and usually include an inventory that helps you identify the portions of the collection that are most important for your research.

Explore our finding aids, legacy inventories, and information about new acquisitions below.

A-Z Finding Aids

Adams, Theodore F. collection, 1977–1985
Theodore F. Adams was, most notably, Pastor of First Baptist Church, Richmond, VA. (1936–1968), and served as President of the Baptist World Alliance (1955–1960) and Visiting Professor of Preaching at SEBTS (1968–1978).This collection contains audio-cassette tapes, photographic slides, and other materials ranging from 1977–1985 that were collected by SEBTS Archives and Special Collections staff. These predominantly biographical and oral history related materials document the lives and ministries of Theodore F. Adams and his wife Esther Jillson Adams.

Alcorn, Wallace A. papers, 1844–2012, predominant 1948–2012
Wallace A. Alcorn is an ordained Baptist minister, who served as pastor of churches in New Jersey, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, where he served at First Baptist Church, Austin, MN (G.A.R.B.C., 1976–1983). He taught Bible at Moody Bible Institute (Chicago) and New Testament at Northwest Baptist Seminary (Tacoma, Washington). This collection contains mostly paper documents, including some pictures, ranging from 1844–2012 that were created and/or collected by Wallace A. Alcorn. These papers document his life in ministry and the military, his literary career, and his interest in biblical studies, history, music, and politics.

Andrews, William Parker papers, 1946–2008, predominant 1960–1990
William Parker Andrews and his wife, Connie, served 37 years (1950–1987) as career missionaries in Chile, South America, with the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. This collection contains mostly paper documents, including some pictures, ranging from 1946–2008 that were created and/or collected by William Parker Andrews and his wife, Connie. These papers document his life in missions and ministry in Chile, S. A. , and includes representative sermon material with a good selection of materials in Spanish.

Arlington Street Baptist Church records, 1957-2018, predominant 1970-2018

This collection contains papers and graphic material from Arlington Street Baptist Church in Greenville, North Carolina. It primarily consists of financial information, church policies, photographs, and other papers concerning the church's activity between 1957 and 2016. The material predominantly falls between 1970 and 2016. The photographs range from 1977 to 1978 and are housed in photo albums. 

Ballentine, John S. papers, 1911–2006, predominant 1950–2006

John Stuart Ballentine was pastor of churches in St. James, Tyler, St. Paul, and Minneapolis, MN, and in Nantucket, MA. He was the founder of Bryant Ave. Christian School (Mpls, MN), and was a State American Legion Chaplain and 1st Sergeant in Patton’s Army. He was an ardent anti-communist and a theological separatist, affiliated with the Minnesota Baptist Association. This collection contains mostly paper documents, including some pictures, ranging from 1911–2006 that were created and/or collected by John Ballentine. These papers document his life in ministry and the military, and his interest in biblical separatism and anti-communism.

Blackmore, James H. papers 1983-1997

James Blackmore was a pastor and long-time Director of Public Relations at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Within this collection are several pieces of Blackmore’s own writing, commentary notes, and an address for the 100th anniversary of one of the churches he pastored during his career.

Bouldin, John Robert, 1964-2010

This collection contains eight boxes of sermons and study sheets created and used by Reverend John Robert Bouldin during his time as pastor and intermin pastor of North Carolina churches. Spanning over four decades, Pastor Bouldin's transcripts are divided between those focusing on books of the Bible and those arranged in chronological order from 1992-2010.

Bulman, James M. papers, 1942–1987, predominant 1943–1982

James M. Bulman was a Baptist pastor, church parliamentarian, and author. He served four North Carolina churches after graduating from seminary: Cornelius Baptist Church, Cornelius, NC (1949–1955); East Spencer Baptist church, East Spencer, NC (1955–1960); Providence Baptist church, East Spencer, NC (1960–1967); and Central Baptist Church, Oak Ridge Baptist Church, Oak Ridge, NC (1967–1980). He was parliamentarian of the Southern Baptist Convention (1971) and of the NC Baptist Convention (1963–1975). He authored two books and numerous articles for theological journals. This collection contains audiocassettes, photographs, an LP record, and paper materials ranging primarily from 1947–1982 reflecting Bulman’s seminary studies, his published and unpublished writings, materials related to areas of his theological interests, sermon material, and his work as parliamentarian.

Burns, John A. papers, 1951–1997, predominant 1968–1997

John A. Burns was a Baptist pastor, a professor of New Testament, and served in various capacities in most of the libraries of the schools where he taught. He taught New Testament at Hannibal-LaGrange College (Hannibal, MO), Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary (Lynchburg, VA), Luther Rice Seminary (Jacksonville, FL), and Criswell College (Dallas, TX), being Criswell’s librarian, as well. He held pastorates in Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Louisiana, and planted churches in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, most notably the Bridedale Baptist Church, Metairie, Louisiana (1966–1969). He was involved with the translation of the New International Version and the New King James Version of the Bible. This collection contains primarily paper documents that were created and/or collected by John A. Burns, with some books. These papers document his life in ministry and, primarily, his teaching career. It includes files of collected materials covering a broad range of biblical, theological, historical, philosophical topics, as well as language. Included, also, are his instructional/course materials.

Capps, Richard H. papers, 1961-2003

This collection contains materials collected and used by Dr. Richard H. Capps in his pastoral and ministry leadership. It includes various research materials associated with the Southern Baptist Convention and the Home Mission Board, materials concerning the churches and Baptist associations Capps served, and training materials for church leaders and members.

Davis, Donald Spencer North Carolina G.S. 115c-81(el) papers, 1995–2001, predominant 1995–1999

Donald Spencer Davis was a politician who served in the North Carolina House of Representatives from 1995 until he retired in 2002. He attended the University of Maryland and the Austin Peay State Teachers College (TN). He was actively involved with the Heritage Bible College in Dunn, NC, and was a member of Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church in Erwin, NC. This collection consists of paper material from the office of Representative Donald Spencer Davis related to North Carolina legislation G.S. 115c-81(el) ratified in 1995, commonly known as “Abstinence Until Marriage” education, and its implementation.

Duncan, Pope A. papers, 1942–1970, predominant 1946–1970

Pope Alexander Duncan was a pastor, professor, administrator, and author. He served as pastor of River View Baptist Church, Louisville, KY, while attending Southern Seminary. He taught Religion at Stetson University and Church History at SEBTS. He then served as Dean at Brunswick College (GA), as Vice-President and President of Georgia Southern College (now University), and President of Stetson University (FL). He authored four books, among them The Pilgrimage of Christianity and Our Baptist Story, contributed to several volumes, notably the Encyclopedia of Southern Baptists, and wrote numerous articles. This collection contains paper materials primarily from 1946–1970 related to Pope Duncan’s time on the faculty of SEBTS (1953–1963). In addition, the collection contains one reel-to-reel audio recording of sermons, and some pictures.

Estes, T. W. papers, 1927–2002, predominant 1950–1997

T. W. Estes served in the Marines during W.W. II, after which he attended Gardner-Webb Junior College, Wake Forest University (B.A.), and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (B.D., 1957). He was pastor of six North Carolina churches: Mt. Gilead (Pittsboro); Lawndale Baptist (Lawndale); Florence Baptist (Forest City); Mineral Springs Baptist (Winston-Salem); Westview Baptist (Shelby); and Guilford Baptist (Greensboro). This collection consists of paper materials documenting his life and pastoral ministry. It includes primarily sermon related material and significant runs of church newsletters, along with articles and a few books.

Frazier, Ann W. papers, 1953-2002, predominant 1965-2001

Ann W. Frazier was a member of Roanoke Baptist church, Roanoke Rapids, NC, where she served as a Sunday School teacher and church organist. For 20 years she was involved with adolescent sexuality issues, particularly abstinence-based education. She wrote the original grant for funding North Carolina’s “Abstinence Until Marriage” education, and had been appointed to various boards, commissions, and committees by Governor James G. Martin and Governor James B. Hunt. This collection contains audio-cassette tapes, video-cassette tapes, film strips, floppy discs, and other materials dating from 1953–2002 that were collected by Ann Frazier. This is an eclectic collection of educational topics related primarily to sex education involving AIDS, STDs, contraception, etc., but including broader topics such as Humanism, drugs, the New Age movement, and the occult.

Hipps, John B. papers, 1922-1968

John B. Hipps was a notable Southern Baptist missionary and educator in the twentieth century. Materials in this collection are comprised of Hipps’ own lectures from his time as a professor at the University of Shanghai and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, as well as other materials related to his own research, writing, and missionary career.

Kaemmerling, Russell papers, 1842-2001, predominant 1936-2001

Russell Kaemmerling attended Lamar University (B.S. 1973) and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div., 1976). He was the pastor of First Baptist Church, West Columbia, S.C. (1977–1980), and edited two of the important communication vehicles of the Conservative Resurgence within the Southern Baptist Convention. He edited for six months the Southern Baptist Journal (1980), a publication of the Baptist Faith and Message Fellowship, and, then, edited the Southern Baptist Advocate (1980–1985), which was funded by the Criswell Center for Biblical Studies.This collection contains correspondence, news clippings and periodicals, notes, audio cassette tapes, images, and other materials ranging from 1842-2001 that were created and collected by Russell Kaemmerling. These papers document Russell Kaemmerling's participation in the Conservative Resurgence in the Southern Baptist Convention, particularly his work publishing the Southern Baptist Advocate.

L'Abri Cassette Tape Collection

This collection is composed of audio cassette tapes created and disseminated by the L’Abri organization founded by Francis and Edith Schaeffer. These tapes are of various lectures and “talks” given by the Schaeffers and other friends of the organization with the intent of teaching others and encouraging the development of a Christian worldview in the listener.

Library Services records, 1880-2013, predominant 1950-1993

This collection contains records documenting the operations of the Library at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary as well as "Southeastern in the News," newspaper clippings concerning the Seminary collected by the Library. Records include correspondence, yearly expenditures, donations, and newspaper clippings.

Lolley, W. Randall presidential records, 1974-1988

This collection contains fourteen boxes of material related to the presidency of W. Randall Lolley at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Covering the years 1974-1988, President Lollley's papers are divided between correspondence, material related to SEBTS, and material related to the Southern Baptist Convention.

Maddry, Charles E. papers, 1902-1981, predominant 1908-1920

Charles Maddry was a lifelong minister and executive within the Southern Baptist Convention. He dedicated his life to the ministry and strengthening of local churches in North Carolina, as well as improving the financial condition of the SBC institutions.

Montgomery, John Warwick papers, 1934–2003, predominant 1953–2000

John Warwick Montgomery is a noted lawyer, Lutheran Theologian, professor, and prolific writer. He is one of the leading evangelical apologists and thinkers of the later-half of the 20th century - early 21st century. This collection contains paper documents, audio-cassette tapes, reel-to-reel audio tapes, video-cassette tapes, and books, dating from 1934–2013. The collection reflects Montgomery’s student and personal life, his teaching/preaching ministry, his activities as a lawyer and administrator, and his work as an author. It documents how Montgomery’s legal expertise, encyclopedic knowledge, and keen wit have influenced a generation of evangelical scholars.

Owens, M. O. papers, 1943-2011

M. O. Owens served over fifty years in the pastoral ministry serving Baptist churches in South Carolina, Florida, and predominantly North Carolina. M. O. also served at various times in denominational and academic positions. He was, for examples, a member of the General Board of the North Carolina Baptist State Convention, a member of the Sunday School Board (SBC), a North Carolina Director on the Home Mission Board; a trustee of Gardner-Webb College; and a faculty member at Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute. He was a proactive leader in the Conservative Resurgence within the SBC as founder and first president of Baptists United, founder and first president of The Baptist Faith and Message Fellowship, founder and first Chairman of the Trustees of the Southern Baptist Advocate, and founder and first president of Conservative Carolina Baptists. This collection contains a variety of correspondence, articles, periodicals, and records of conservative organizations and publications within the Southern Baptist Convention such as the Baptists United, the Baptist Faith and Message Fellowship, Conservative Carolina Baptists, and the Southern Baptist Advocate. A few pictures are included.

Parker, Monroe papers, 1945-1992

Monroe Parker was a noted evangelist within Independent Fundamentalist Baptist circles. During the course of his career, he served in several capacities at Bob Jones University, including assistant to Bob Jones, as well as General Director of the Baptist World Mission.

Pressler, Paul papers, 1873-2013, predominant 1952-2013

Judge Paul Pressler is a former Texas District Court and Appeals Court Judge, and a key leader in the Conservative Resurgence in the Southern Baptist Convention. This collection contains news clippings, periodicals, audio-cassette tapes, video-cassette tapes, compact disks, books, and other materials dating from 1873–2013 that were collected by Paul Pressler. It is a vast resource of information on both sides of the SBC controversy. Unique to this collection are a number of audio cassette recordings of Judge Pressler’s Crown Sunday School class. In addition to documenting the Conservative Resurgence, this collection documents the political activities/campaigns of Judge Pressler, and includes twenty-two volumes of West’s Texas Cases containing cases written by him. Two office chairs and a desk are also part of the collection.

Primm, Gerald C., 1881-2007, predominant 1956-2007

Gerald C. Primm was a leading figure within North Carolina Baptist circles and a leading figure of the conservative resurgence within the Southern Baptist Convention. He was a United States Army veteran, an advocate of racial equality, and committed to the ideals of a conservative interpretation of the Bible.

Randolph Baptist Association records, 1946-2008

The Randolph Baptist Association began its meetings in North Carolina in 1935 at Bulah Baptist Church. In 1935, 28 churches comprised this association, and by 2001, the association grew 64% to include 46 churches. Geographically, the majority of churches in the Association are located in Randolph County, North Carolina, but a few are located in Chatham County and Davidson County, North Carolina. These records contain Randolph Baptist Association's newsletters (bulletins), conference documents, and stationary, as well as select programs, annuals, and directories from the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. The format of all material is text and the items are arranged chronologically by series. 

Registrar Office records, 1950 - 2018

These records consist of documents produced by the Registrar Office of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and include directories, catalogs, student handbooks and commencement programs from the founding of the seminary in 1950 - 2018.

Robinson, Maurice papers, 1982-1998

Maurice Robinson (1947-) is a Greek and New Testament scholar who taught at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (1991-2016). Series one contains copies of the Textus Receptus (Oxford 1873) text with handwritten annotations. Series two consists of SEBTS correspondence related to the Conservative Resurgence and series three contains a copy of Dr. Robinson's dissertation from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Rogers, Max papers, 1937-1961

This collection contains the class notes of former Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary professor and noted Old Testament scholar, Max Rogers. Within this collection are Rogers’ own notes taken over the course of his education, and also some of his lecture materials. 

Schaeffer, Francis A. papers, 1822-1999, predominant 1935-1984

This collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, annotated periodicals and books, research notes, audio recordings, films, and other materials ranging from 1822-1999 (predominantly from 1935-1984)  that were created and collected by Francis A. Schaeffer. These papers represent the bulk of Schaeffer's personal papers accumulated throughout his lifetime, and, as such, they document many different facets of his work and ministry. Papers in the collection document Schaeffer's communication with Christian leaders and those seeking his advice, his assessment of cultural ideas and trends in the margins of periodicals, books, and other publications, and the development of his own lectures and publications throughout the editing process. The audio recordings in the collection document Schaeffer's lectures, many of which were made available during his lifetime through the L'Abri Tape Library, as well as previously unavailable recordings of Saturday Night Talks and other group discussions between Schaeffer and visitors at L'Abri.

Scoggin, B. Elmo papers,1930–2008, predominant 1950–2008

B. Elmo Scoggin was pastor, author, civic and community leader, archaeologist, and professor of Hebrew and Old Testament at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary for 34 years. This small collection contains sermons, manuscripts, and other materials collected by Hannah Scoggin which were intended to reflect Dr. Scoggin’s community involvement, personal achievements, and writing.

Turner, J. Clyde papers, 1870–1974, predominant 1899–1967

J. Clyde Turner was a Baptist pastor, a Southern Baptist Convention statesman, and an author. Most notably, he served as pastor of First Baptist Church, Greensboro, NC, for thirty-eight years (1910–1948). He authored six books on doctrinal issues, including Soul-Winning Doctrines (1943), Our Baptist Heritage (1945), The New Testament Doctrine of the Church (1951), and These Things We Believe (1956). This collection contains primarily ministry related materials, chiefly sermon manuscripts and outlines spanning sixty-plus years (1903–1967), plus a few books and pictures.

Wake Cross Roads Baptist Church Dr. Akin Lectures collection

Two binders containing CDs and printed notes from classes taught by Dr. Daniel Akin at Wake Cross Roads Baptist Church ca. 2000-2010. The binders are titled - "Christian Doctrine: A 22 Part Study of Systematic Theology" and "Through the New Testament: A 27 Part Survey of the New Testament."

Legacy Inventories

Archives at Southeastern staff are in the process of developing standardized finding aids for our holdings. Until that process is complete, the following item-level inventories will be available to help you discover resources that are pertinent to your research. Please note that these are legacy inventories and they may contain grammatical mistakes and other errors. Researchers are encouraged to contact archives staff in advance to plan a research visit to examine collections with legacy inventories.

New Acquisitions and Unprocessed Collections

The archives is regularly adding new collections to our holdings and processing collections from our backlog. The following collections have been newly acquired or are awaiting processing. Please contact our archives staff to ask for an overview of the contents of these collections and inquire about the possibility of conducting research within them.

New Collections

  • Tar River Baptist Association records (October 2020)

Processing Backlog

  • Chile Mission collection
  • Crimm, B. B. collection
  • Crowley, Robert papers
  • Green, James Leo papers
  • SBC Nomination Committee collection
  • SEBTS American Association of University Professors records
  • SEBTS Convocation of the Laity records
  • SEBTS Faculty and Administration biography records
  • SEBTS Faculty Wives Club records
  • SEBTS photograph collection
  • Signon, Bill papers
  • Straughn, Alice Miriam collection