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Searching SEBTS Databases: Alcott Catalog


The Alcott Catalog searches the holdings in The Library at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

What will you be able to do and search for in Alcott?

  • Books that are available for check-out.
  • Reference and Archival Material available for "In Library Use."
  • Manage your library account (e.g. renew books).
  • Place holds on materials checked-out by others.

Beyond the Basics of Searching the Alcott Catalog

In this section we want to highlight some search features that are unique in the Alcott Catalog. While these search features may be available in other databases we want to emphasize them here for their particular usefulness in the Alcott Catalog.

  • Quick Searches- We have already developed a number of quick searches for items in our catalog. If you are looking for a particular commentary series we may have that series listed in our quick search and you can search there. You can also search SEBTS Ph.D. dissertations, Ed.D. dissertations, Th.M. theses, and D.Min projects through the Quick Search. Do you have suggestions for quick searches? Feel free to email us your suggestion. We will consider it and get back with you.
  • Limit by Call Number/Language/Format/Collection- If you know the location or call number of the item(s) you are looking for you can limit your results by using the "Advanced Search" feature and choose the appropriate collection/call number to search only those results found within that type, location, or collection.
  • Genre Searching- This limiter can be used after conducting a search to limit items to a particular genre. If you are looking for commentaries on a particular book of the Bible. The simplest search you can do is to type in the book's name (e.g. Romans) and then limit the results to the genre "commentary."
  • Related Topics- All searches will allow you to filter your results by related topics. These will help you find sub-topics within your search results so that you can narrow the focus of your search to those results which will be most helpful for your particular topic. Being able to quickly find important sub-topics is especially helpful when you have a large number of results for a topic that is new to you.

Using Your Student Account in the Alcott Catalog

The Alcott Catalog is the place to go to manage your library account online. There are several things that you can access when you are logged into your account while searching.

  • View Your Checkouts- You can view a list off all of your currently checked out materials.
  • Renew online- From the current checkouts list you can renew some or all of your books online. Note: Be sure to check and make sure that they have been renewed. If the item cannot be renewed for any reason (for example, if another patron has placed a hold on the item) your list of checkouts will have a notice saying that the item could not be renewed while your other materials will display their new due date.
  • Place/Cancel Holds- You can place holds easily whenever you are logged onto your account. You can also cancel any holds that you no longer need.
  • Save Searches- All searches are saved in Alcott for a period of time. This means that if you do a search during a session, conduct another search, and then you want to go back to your original search, you can do that! You can also save these searches for later so that you will not have to remember your search terminology each time you want to see if we have had anything new come into the library on that topic.