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eBooks: Getting Started

How to find, download, and use EBSCO eBooks.

Introduction to eBooks at SEBTS

This guide focuses primarily on EBSCO eBooks since new eBooks added to our collection are found there. All eBooks can be found in GO Search. To search individual databases for eBooks you may go here.


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EBSCO has made some changes to make downloading EBooks easier. Watch the short video to find out more.

New User Quick Guide

The instructions below will guide a new user to creating an eBook account, finding an eBook, downloading an eBook as PDF, and opening the eBook with Adobe Digital Editions software.

1. Create a My EBSCO eBook Account

1.1 Navigate to the Library at Southeastern EBSCO eBook Database

1.2 On the top navigation bar, click the Sign In link.

1.3 Next to the yellow Login button, click the Create An Account link.

1.4 Complete registration information and click Submit. On the following page, click Continue. You are now signed-in to your My EBSCO account.

2. Search for eBook Titles
3. Click on eBook Title and Download

3.1 After clicking on eBook title and navigating to the eBook's respective page, click on the Download This eBook (Offline) link on the left sidebar.

3.2 On pop-up window, select Checkout Period duration then click the Checkout & Download button.

3.3 File (URLLink.acsm) will download to default downloaded file location as set on browser.

4. Download and Install Adobe Digital Editions (Click Here to Download)
5. Open Downloaded eBook

5.1 Locate and open (double click) downloaded file URLLink.acsm

5.2 Enter Adobe ID credentials (click here to create Adobe ID account) and click OK. eBook will open in Adobe Digital Editions.

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