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eBooks: Using EBSCO eBooks

How to find, download, and use EBSCO eBooks.

Setting Up an EBSCO Account for eBooks

Setting up an EBSCO account will allow you to download E-books and save items in your folders for future research. Furthermore, this account is useful for all of our EBSCO databases not just E-books from EBSCO (GoSearch, ATLA, etc.). 

There are two ways to create an account:

1. Select an E-book in the E-books from EBSCO database. On the left hand side of the page click "Download Offline." This will bring up a prompt with two options. The second option is "Create a New Account." Select this option and create your account.

2. At the top right hand side of the webpage click "Sign In." Under the User Name and Password boxes select the "Create a New Account" link. Fill out the information and you will have an EBSCO account.

Accessing Downloaded eBooks on Web Browser

How to Download and Access Downloaded Ebooks from the Web Browser

1. Select eBooks from EBSCO database at

2. Search for your eBook

3. In order to check out an eBook you must create an account

4. Once you have created an account, sign-in at the top right hand side of the page

5. Select your e-book

6. Check the Concurrent User Level in the Full Record. If the User Lever is Unlimited you don't need to download/checkout the eBook as it is accessible to multiple users at one time. However, if the User Level is Limited it is in your best interest to download/checkout the eBook so that you are guaranteed access to the eBook. 

7. On the left hand side, click "Download Offline"

8. On the prompt that opens up, click "Checkout" (7 day maximum)

9. This places the book in "My Checkouts" (top of the page). You can also create a folder for this and related items.

10. Read the book in pdf full text online

Viewing eBooks in Adobe Digital Editions

How to use Adobe Digital Editions (offline)

If you are using a tablet or phone, EBSCO eBooks app is much better. However, Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is the only resort for a computer if you want to view the eBook offline.

1. Download Adobe Digital Editions onto your computer

2. Download eBook (see Accessing Downloaded eBooks on Web Browser if you do not know how to do this) and then remember where you saved it

3. Double click the eBook in the downloaded location

4. ADE will open the downloaded item for you

5. You will be able to read the book in ADE at this point

6. In order to return a book from ADE, right click the item in your Bookshelves and select "Return Borrowed Item." When returning a book from ADE the book is returned from EBSCO as well