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How to Use this Guide

This Research Guide collects a variety of resources for those interested in teaching and/or learning English as a Second Language (ESL) or as a Foreign Language (EFL). While the focus is on ESL, most of the material applies to EFL settings as well. Please note that the list of resources presented here is a sample of our library's collection and not exhaustive. 

Part of the resources offered here will be helpful only to the teacher. While some of the materials shed light on the learning process itself, others give practical tips and exercises for lessons. Most of the resources on this guide are available in e-book format only. I recommend especially a look at the "websites and podcasts" tab, since it offers a variety of different language levels, styles and inputs. 

The different tabs and their content:

- Language Learning and Teaching: This tab contains general resources on language teaching as well as introductory material on teaching ESL/EFL specifically. Also included is a resource to prepare for the ESL Teacher Certification Exam (TESL).

- Textbooks, Grammar and Vocabulary: The first two columns in this tab list books that focus on Grammar training and Vocabulary acquisition and retention. The third column contains textbooks for students that combine these and other categories of language learning.

- Written and Oral Expression: This tab Includes resources on how to improve the student's writing and speaking skills. Some of the material will focus both on active and passive skills, production of texts and conversations, as well as comprehension. 

- Using Literature in ESL: This tab suggests a few books on how to use both children and adult's literature in the context of teaching EFL or ESL. 

- Classroom Management: This tab contains books about discipline and structure in the classroom.

- Testing and Assessing: This tab lists resources that help both preparing and performing tests and exams. 

- Journals: This tab suggests a number of journals that present research and issues in education and language. 

- Websites, Blogs and Podcasts: This tab offers some of the most recommended internet resources for ESL and EFL. Please note that a number of these resources are created in Great Britain and therefore follow British English standards. The Library at Southeastern is not responsible for the contents represented in any of these online sources.

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