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Electronic Dissertations and Theses Submission: Submission Guidelines

A guide describing how to submit your theses or dissertation at SEBTS

What are the collection guidelines?

Although the formatting style (SBL, Turabian, APA) is determined by the degree program, the following formatting guidelines are required for all works in the Southeastern collection:


Font: 12 pt, double spaced, Times New Roman font (including page numbers)

Citation: Make sure footnotes begin with number one at the beginning of each chapter.


Notes on Preliminary pages:

  • The Title Page, Blank Page or Copyright Page, and Dedication page are counted in the page numbering, but do not show a page number on that page. The Acknowledgements section does show page numbers.
  • Your abstract should be in the preliminary pages, not at the end.  

What is the timeline for submission?

  • Final Defense: Your program office will provide an approval sheet, signed with electronic signatures, once the defense is passed and any additional improvements are made. At this point, you have received approval and can read through the FAQ section of the Library Guide in order to submit to ProQuest.


  • FAQ Section of the Library Guide: Many questions about submission are answered in this section, found at Students are required to read through this section before beginning the submission process. Step by step information about submission is also provided under the Submission Instructions tab.


  • Final Submission to ProQuest: The link for final submission to ProQuest is located on the FAQ section of the Library Guide. Submission must be completed by Monday, May 6th.


After Submission: A final memo, confirming submission completion, will be sent to the Registrar’s Office and your program office once submission is finished. The student will also be notified that this memo has been sent. 

Who do I contact if I have questions or need help?

Brooklyn Mazza, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Library Services

(919) 761-2250,

114 N. Wingate Street, Wake Forest, NC 27587