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The revelation of Christ in the Bible begins like an acorn that sends out its shoot

and progresses toward the "fullness of time" when it grows into a full and stately oak.

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How To Use This Guide

       A basic description (and links to fuller descriptions) of biblical theology can be found in the next box below. The category tabs will display some standard resources for biblical theology. If the SEBTS library owns the book, its call numbers will appear. A brief description of each book may be seen when you hold your cursor over its information icon.


What You Will Find under the Category Tabs

General Resources:    Dictionary articles and books that describe or analyze BT, as well as works demonstrating whole-Bible BT. This is a good place to begin your research.

OT Theology:   Works focusing on the theory and practice of Old Testament theology.

NT Theology:   Works focusing on the theory and practice of New Testament theology.

NT Use of the OT:   Studies addressing how the New Testament interprets the Old.

Christ in the OT:   Studies addressing how the Old Testament anticipates Christ.

Book Series:   Links to publishers’ lists of titles in their various BT series.

Journals:   A list of academic journals likely to contain articles describing or doing BT.


A Description of Biblical Theology

       “Biblical theology” has become a specialized term for the study of biblical themes as they are developed in the storyline of the Scriptures. A key emphasis in evangelical forms of BT is the theological unity of the Old and New Testaments, particularly as they center on the Lord Jesus Christ.

       Scholars frequently cite the inaugural address of Johann Philipp Gabler at the University of Altdorf in 1787 as the watershed event marking a distinction between the disciplines of BT and dogmatic (systematic) theology. Here is a link to Gabler’s address translated into English:

       The J. P. Gabler Address on the Distinction between Biblical and Dogmatic Theology.

The links below lead to some recent evangelical efforts to define biblical theology:

       Robert Yarbrough Article on Biblical Theology.

       D. A. Carson Interview on Biblical Theology.

       Graeme Goldsworthy Article on Biblical Theology

       Jim Hamilton Article on Biblical Theology

       Vern Poythress Article on "The Kinds of Biblical Theology"

       Ray Ortlund, Jr., Sam Storms & Ryan Kelly Video Discussion of Biblical Theology.

       Stephen M. Baugh Article on Hermeneutics and Biblical Theology.

       Theopedia Article on Biblical Theology.


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