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Doctrine of Christ (Christology): Home

An introduction to helpful resources for theological research on the person of Christ.



The Bible is the cradle wherein Christ is lain.      

                                       – Martin Luther (1483-1546)


How to Use This Guide

A basic description (and links to fuller descriptions) of Christology can be found in the next box below.

Clicking on the category tabs at the top of this page or on the italicized categories in the following list will display some standard resources on the study of Christ in the Scriptures. If the SEBTS library owns a book, its library call number will be shown. A brief description of each book may be seen when you hold your cursor over its information icon.


What You Will Find under the Category Tabs

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias:  Reference works that focus on biblical Christology or contain articles on Christ / Christology. This is a good place to begin your research.

The Person of Christ:  The two natures of Christ / incarnation; the life & historicity of Christ.

The Work of Christ:  The atonement, death, resurrection, ascension, exaltation of Christ.

Christ in the Old Testament:  Works on the pre-incarnate Son of God and prophesied Messiah.

General Christologies & Systematic Theologies:  Works on Christ; theologies with Christology.

What is "Christology"?

Christology is the study Jesus Christ as he is presented in the Bible. There are numerous approaches one could take in this study. This guide includes categories on "The Person of Christ" (Christology proper) and "The Work of Christ" (the foundation of soteriology, which is the doctrine of salvation). It adds the theme of "Christ in the Old Testament" to highlight that the Bible consists of a unified storyline centered on Christ. Cf. the LibGuide on Biblical Theology.

Another traditional approach is to view Christ from the perspectives of the OT "anointed" offices of Prophet, Priest, and King, since the title Messiah/Christ means "Anointed One." What Christ has accomplished (and will accomplish) as God's ultimate Prophet, Priest, and King is another way of looking at his redemptive work. But there is certainly much more than can be expressed by these offices. He is Creator, Redeemer, Son of God, and Son of Man. He is the Second Person of the triune God who took on a human nature to redeem fallen humans. Ultimately, the scope of Christology involves the scope of theology, anthropology, soteriology, and numerous other -ologies altogether!

Here are a few links to brief descriptions of Christology and related issues:

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