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“If there were only one meaning for the words, the first interpreter would find it, and all other listeners would have neither the toil of seeking nor the pleasure of finding.” 

- Ephrem the Syrian


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How to Use this Guide

This guide provides resources for Aramaic and Syriac. As indicated by the tabs, this guide is organized according to language. Under the Aramaic and Syriac headings, you will find relevant grammars, dictionaries, and monographs. The Texts and Online Resources tab contains hyperlinks to external internet repositories of Aramaic and Syriac resources. Additionally, the Journals heading compiles recently published journal articles on the languages. 

Aramaic Resources: In this section, you will find Aramaic grammars, dictionaries, and monographs.

Syriac ResourcesIn this section, you will find Syriac grammars, dictionaries, and monographs.

Texts and Online Resources: In this section, you will find links to important online materials for the study of Aramaic and Syriac. 

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