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How to use this Guide

This Lib Guide is designed to give an overview of linguistics in both Koine Greek and Biblical Hebrew.

The first section contains introductory books on the major areas and subjects in general linguistics: 

- Introductions to General Linguistics

- Phonetics and Phonology: The study and comparison of speech sounds. 

- Morphology: The study of forms of words. 

- Semantics: The study of meaning.

- Pragmatics: The study of language in use. 

- Applied Linguistics: The study, identification and investigation of language-related real-life problems. 

The sections on both NT Greek and Biblical Hebrew are divided into Introductions and Textbooks, Advanced Grammars, Dictionaries and Lexicons, specific Linguistics in Greek and Hebrew, language use in Ministry and Research Tools

Journals listed by availability (online, in print or both) can be found and accessed for both languages in the last two sections. 

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PA 1 - 899 / PJ 4501 - 4996

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