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Francis A. Schaeffer Studies at Southeastern: Online Resources

Information on the unique resources and opportunities at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary supporting the study of Francis A. Schaeffer's life, work, and thought.

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Audio Interviews About Schaeffer

  • Os Guinness Interview
    Os Guinness describes his interactions with Francis A. Schaeffer, highlighting how Schaeffer opened the doors for the evangelical movement.  He describes Schaeffer's passion for the Lord, passion to reach people, and passion for the truth.
  • Udo and Deborah Middelmann Interview
    The Middelmanns describe their interactions with Francis A. Schaeffer (FAS). Topics in this discussion include Neo-Orthodoxy and Existentialism, Francis and Edith Schaeffer's relationship with each other and how they raised their children, FAS's appreciation of the human being, and his later years.
  • William Edgar Interview
    William (Bill) Edgar discusses what made FAS attractive to students during his 1964 Harvard teaching sessions, his pre-evangelism and apologetic methods, the impact of Edith Schaeffer at L'Abri, and the importance of building on FAS' legacy.
  • Marvin Padgett Interview
    Padgett discusses interactions with FAS, experiences at L'Abri, and FAS's views on the image of God, the Scriptures, pre-evangelism and apologetics,  taking up arms, and eschatology
  • Dierde Ducker (Haim) Interview
    Ducker (Haim) discusses interactions with FAS and Edith Schaeffer regarding their ministries, values, home life, what was attractive about FAS, the Schaeffer's giftings, and the impact Hans Rookmaaker had on FAS.
  • John and Jill Barrs Interview
    The Barrs discuss interactions with FAS, the culture at L'Abri, the Christian culture from the 1970's through today, and raising questions within the context of Christian faith.
  • Dawn Merz Interview
    Merz discusses interactions with FAS, especially through her relationship with Edith Schaeffer, FAS' books, and the L'Abri ministry. Discussions include Edith Schaeffer as a wife, her faith and character, apologetic approaches of the Schaeffer's, and questioning the faith.
  • Ken and Barbara Cope Interview
    The Copes discuss interactions with FAS, FAS' interactions with others, the impact of FAS' books and of L'Abri ministry.
  • Cynthia Kim & PukKyong Kim Interview
    Cynthia Kim and PukKyong Kim discuss interactions with FAS and Edith Schaeffer, their personable natures, their love for God and people, FAS' spirit of prophecy, and their policy to never advertise.
  • Ranald and Susan (Schaeffer) Macaulay Interview 
    The Macaulays discuss interactions with FAS, Susan growing up in the home of the FAS and Edith Schaeffer, their parenting and education techniques, the beginnings of FAS' popular ministry, his view of humanity, apologetic approach, truth and relativism, Christian culture and the premillennial view
  • Graham Weeks Interview
    Weeks discusses interactions with FAS, his teachings and his influence in the world and in Weeks' life. Topics of discussion include FAS' humility, his apologetics, not emphasizing denominations for the sake of including everyone in the conversation, the purity of the visible church, and speaking the truth in love.
  • Olave Snelling Interview
    Snelling discusses interactions with FAS, Snelling as a worker at L'Abri, the Schaeffers hospitality and warmth, and the affects of FAS' teaching on her own personal identity.
  • Richard Goodwin Interview
    Richard (Dick) Goodwin discusses interactions with FAS, the framework and worldview FAS gave to Christian philosophy, and his caring concern for the individual.
  • Barry Seagren Interview
    Seagren discusses interactions with FAS, what it was like to be in L'Abri under the Schaeffers' leadership, the demeanor and character of FAS, and FAS' prophetic voice to the issues in his day.
  • Andrew Kirk Interview
    Kirk discusses interactions with FAS, working together on The God Who Is There, how FAS would engage people, his humility towards the Bible, and the influence FAS had on the evangelical Christian world.
  • Ann Brown Interview
    Brown discusses interactions with FAS, how he gave honest answers for honest questions, had compassion for every person, and FAS' view of death and anger. Other topics of discussion include the culture at L'Abri and chalet Bellevue's outreach to disabled children.
  • Joe Martin Interview
    Martin discusses interactions with FAS, how FAS related faith and culture, what it was like to be in L'Abri under FAS' leadership, FAS' compassion and care for evangelization of the individual person.
  • Colin Chapman Interview
    Chapman discusses interactions with FAS, how FAS was a thinking Christian and able to see the bigger picture, especially how theology and philosophy related to every part of life.
  • Elaine and Ian Cooper Interview
    The Coopers discuss interactions with FAS, how FAS preached and handled peoples' questions, the Christian culture at L'Abri, FAS' impact on evangelical Christianity, and how he speaks to postmodernism.
  • Susan (Schaeffer) Macaulay Interview
    Macaulay discusses interactions with FAS and Edith Schaeffer, their relationship and their parenting, the challenges and joys of Susan's childhood, and lessons learned from it.
  • Thomas Streeter Interview
    Thomas (Tom) Streeter discusses interactions with FAS. Topics of conversation include FAS' apologetics and pre-evangelism linked with his kindness and compassion, his view of people being made in the image of God, and his teachings on Intellectual History.
  • Dick Keyes Interview
    Keyes discusses interactions with FAS. Topics of this discussion center on FAS' evangelism and discipleship, his ability to listen and ask questions, utilizing apologetic methods, but mainly focused on the people he was talking with, including Dick. Other topics include the cultural shift from the 1960's until today, and what it takes to be convinced of a view.
  • Greg Grooms Interview
    Grooms discusses interactions with FAS, recounting how Greg came to work with FAS and L'Abri, FAS and Edith Schaeffer's view on death and dying, work and faith, and what made FAS a good apologist/evangelist.
  • Wim Rietkerk Interview
    Rietkerk discusses interactions with FAS, L'Abri and Hans Rookmaaker. Topics of this discussion include FAS' interpersonal skills, his warm personality, and Rookmaaker's and FAS' relationship.
  • Larry Snyder Interview
    Snyder discusses interactions with FAS, Snyder's antagonism towards Christianity before meeting FAS, FAS' kindness, compassion, passion for truth, and how FAS would treat the culture and ideas of today.
  • Richard Winter Interview
    Winter discusses interactions with FAS, being discipled by FAS, how FAS related to people, his dependence upon Scripture, and life at L'Abri.
  • Nigel Goodwin Interview
    Goodwin discusses interactions with FAS and how FAS enabled him and others to ask questions, how FAS was a deep listener, how FAS understood the person, and that understanding came from the Scriptures.