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ENG-2120 Survey of American Literature: Home

A guide that will help survey students research and develop topics concerning American literature studies.


“Good fiction’s job is to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”

― David Foster Wallace

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Leanna Johnson

Vivian Spencer 

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How to Best Use This Research Guide

  • Start with Background Research with a primary text in mind
    • Dictionaries and encyclopedias explore a subject's key issues and terminology. Always look at the bibliography at the end of the encyclopedia entry for a list of valuable academic resources for further research on the subject. 
  • Use the bibliographies and any information gleaned from the Encyclopedias to help find and interact with Books and Journal Articles
    • The sources cited in the research paper should only included secondary sourcesmeaning books, articles, and essaysthat make a critical claim with researched reasons and evidence. 
    • Journal articles are a great and necessary way to explore and interact with current critical conversations in any given field of research

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