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Distance Students: Books and E-Books

A guide to help distance students with their research needs.

E-Book Databases

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection:  The ATLA Historical Monographs Collection provides access to more than 29,000 titles focused on religion and theology dating from the 13th century through 1922.

E-Books from EBSCO: Access e-books on religion, history, literature, and science.

Proquest:  Access abstracts for dissertations and theses from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Europe.  Many works have a full pdf copy ready to be downloaded.

Early American Imprints:  Access monographs, pamphlets, broadsides, government documents and ephemera for research in American history and culture throughout 1621-1860.

Early English Books Online (EEBO): Contains digital facsimile page images of virtually every work printed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and British North America as well as works in English printed elsewhere from 1473-1700.

Loeb Classical Library:  Access works from the ancient Greek and Roman worlds with both the original language and the English translation alongside each other.

For a full list of our databases (Journals and Ebooks) click here.

We Can Send It or Email It To You

Watch the video below to learn how to request books from the SEBTS library. We can either mail books to you or scan sections and email them as PDF. 

If you would like to request certain sections in scan, follow the steps described in the video below and add the page/chapter numbers in the comment box. We will scan the requested section and email it to you in a PDF version. This includes commentaries and dictionaries/encyclopedias, for which we simply need the range of verses or the name of the entry you are requesting (the rest of the method given below is the same).

For any source that is requested we can only scan within copyright limits: generally, 10% of the whole or up to 50 pages of a work is permissible for reproduction in this way.

We Can Send It To You

Click here to learn about acquiring items by mail.

Check-list to Request Books by Mail

- Make sure your search is limited to SEBTS library resources (green check box).

- Consider logging into your account. This allows you to create lists of books you search for.

- Make sure the book you request is not available as e-book.

- Click "save" underneath the item(s) you want to request. 

- Once you've selected all the items you would like to request, click on "My Items" and select "Email".

- Make sure you add our email-address as recipient: You may include your own email address too for the purpose of keeping records of your request. Make the subject "Items by Mail" and then include the following information in the email:

1) First and Last Name

2) Email Address

3) ID number

4) Physical Address

5) Phone Number

(6) for PDF scans: include page/chapter number or section heading here.)

- Hit "share list" and your request will be sent.

Be sure to check our policies and especially our guidelines and recommendations for returning items by mail. We recommend you insure any books you mail back to us. 

Check-list to Request Scanned Articles

- From our website, go to "Databases" and choose “ATLA-Religion Database.”

- Perform a search based on your keywords and click on the folder sign next to the articles you want to request. Note that articles that are available as pdf's cannot be requested by email.

- Once you have chosen all the articles you would like to request, click on “Folder View” on the right-hand side.

- Choose “E-mail” on the right side.

- In the “E-mail from” box, make sure to insert your own e-mail. In the “E-mail to” box insert our email:

- Fill in “Items by Mail” as subject.

- Add your information in the Comments box:

1) First and Last Name

2) Student ID number

3) Email Address. 

- Hit “send”.

*Note: Not putting your email in the "E-mail from" field will create a generic email to which we cannot reply.*

ILL Books

SEBTS Inter-Library Loan (ILL) will mail books to distance students as long as the book is in an acceptable condition and has not been restricted to in-library use by the lending library. If the item fails to meet these criteria, then the ILL staff will notify the student. 

Check-list to Request Items as ILL:

1. Access our library catalog on

2. Search first within our catalog to see if the book you are looking for is available in Ebook.

3. If the item is not available in Ebook, expand your search to "Libraries Worldwide" and hit the search button.

4. Click on the item title you would like to request and select "Request item form another library."

5. Scroll down to the request form and fill in the required information. Make sure your ID number is filled in correctly (including 000). 

6. Note: If you only want a certain section within the book (a chapter, an essay...), choose "Article - Copy" under the heading "Service Type." Let us know in the comments box what chapter or section you would like. 

7. In case you are pressed for time, you may want to name an amount you would be willing to pay for the ILL item. We will always first try to get a requested item from libraries that do not charge for ILLs, but in case an ILL fee applies, you will save time if you already provide us with an amount you would be willing to pay. 

8. Submit your request once all necessary fields are filled in. 

9. For Distance Students: We send you the ILL item for free, but take into consideration that you will need to send it back to us on your expenses. As always, we recommend you insure any books you send to us to avoid paying for a replacement should the book get lost. 

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Need help?

Visit our FAQ page for an answer to any question you have. If you still cannot find an answer, the Reference Assistant is the point person for distance students at the library and would be happy to assist you. The Reference Assistant can be reached by email at: