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Distance Students: Journal Articles

A guide to help distance students with their research needs.


This section of the guide explains the process for requesting scanned copies of specific journal articles that the library owns in print format. Any articles that already have a pdf version or have full text accessible online cannot be requested in this way since an electronic copy is already available.

Online Journal Databases

Use our A-Z database page to narrow our list of databases to those related to your subject. After opening that link all of our databases will be displayed and you can limit the selection using the first drop down box labeled "All Subjects" and selecting from the list. Once this is done you can determine which of the remaining databases will be the most useful to you.

Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources.

How To Get Our Print Articles

Watch the video below to learn how to to request journal articles that the SEBTS library owns to be scanned and emailed to you in a PDF version. This service is only available for articles that are not already available on one of our databases in a PDF format.


Check-list to Request Scanned Articles

- From our website, go to "Databases" and choose “ATLA-Religion Database.”

- Perform a search based on your keywords and click on the folder sign next to the articles you want to request. Note that articles that are available as PDFs cannot be requested by email.

- Once you have chosen all the articles you would like to request, click on “Folder View” on the right-hand side.

- Choose “E-mail” on the right side.

- In the “E-mail to” box, insert your personal email address and send the record of the article(s) to yourself.

- Forward that email with the record of the article(s) to our email address: Put "Items by Email" in the subject line.

- Include the following information in the email:

1) First and Last Name

2) Student ID number

3) Email Address

- Hit “send" and we'll get to work on processing your request!

Need help?

Visit our FAQ page for an answer to any question you have. If you still cannot find an answer, the Reference Assistant is the point person for distance students at the library and would be happy to assist you. The Reference Assistant can be reached by email at:

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