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This section of the guide explains how to request items that we do not currently own in our library collection. If we own the item in any form please visit the library to access the material. If you are a distance student, please visit the Distance Student Guide for more information on how to request items that the library owns.

Common Mistakes With Submitting (Check Your Submissions Before Sending)

  1. Asking for items that we own.
  2. Asking for items that are already in Ebook/PDF format. 
  3. Not Including contact information.
    • Email Address (This should be placed in the "E-Mail From" line—See Below)
    • ​Name
    • Student Number
    • Address
    • Phone Number

(Please note that the video below was originally created for distance students but that the process for generating an ILL request is the same for all of our students)

Requesting Through Inter-Library Loan

Requesting A Single ILL Item

The information below only relates to the use of acquiring materials from other libraries.  If you need print materials from the SEBTS Library, please visit the library to access the material. If you are a distance student and need print materials we own, please visit the Items by Mail tab in our distance student guide.

When you find an item you would like to be checked out to you through ILL, click the title of the item and then follow the instructions below:

1.  Once you have your item selected you will need to click the E-mail button on the far right column.  Once you do that a menu will appear.

2.  Once this menu appears you will need to fill out the following information:

  • E-mail from:  Put your email (delete the email; this is a generic, system generated email)
  • E-mail to:  Put
  • Subject:  ILL Request
  • Comments:  Your Name, Student ID, mailing address, and anything else that might be helpful to process your request.

*Note: Without putting your email in the field our system will provide a generic email that we cannot reply to. If this generic email is present and you do not include your name, student ID, or mailing address, we have no way of knowing who the request came from*

Requesting Multiple ILL Items

1. This is how you can tell that we are able to ILL the item.

2. Click this icon to add the item to the folder.

3. This is what the icon turns to once an item has been added to the folder.

4. This will list all items on the page that are currently being added to the folder.

  • If you wish to see the items within the folder, click "Go to: Folder View."


1.  Once you are viewing the folder you will see all items within the folder in a list.

2.  Click "E-mail" to email every item within the folder.  Follow the steps in the previous section for filling out the pop-up box that appears.


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ILL Policies

1.     No ILL services for guest users, this service is only for students.

2.     ILL is only for material that the Library at SEBTS does not already own or have access to in some form.

3.     ILL requests for physical materials cannot be generated for distance students outside of the United States.

4.     While the SEBTS library does not charge for ILL services, the lending library may charge. The patron is always contacted before we agree to pay anything.

5.     Use Worldcat to request books. Use EBSCO databases (including GoSearch) to request journal articles.

6.     Request 3-4 items every other day. This the maximum rate at which we will process requests.

7.     The lending library controls checkout dates and renewals.

8.     Renewals should be requested a week in advance of the due date, three days before the due date at a minimum.  Contact to renew items.

9.     Overdue ILL books are subject to fines by the lending library—if they charge.

Need help?

Visit our FAQ page for an answer to any question you have. If you still cannot find an answer, the Reference Assistant is the point person for distance students at the library and would be happy to assist you. The Reference Assistant can be reached by email at: