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How to Use This Guide

This guide is designed to give users a thorough introduction to Septuagint Studies. The Encyclopedias and Dictionaries page lists standard dictionaries in Biblical Studies which have useful articles on the Septuagint. The Grammars and Lexicons page lists the standard grammars and lexicons used by Septuagint scholars. The Introductions page lists a variety of introductions to the Septuagint. Students should probably start with Dines volume, followed by Jobes/Silva and Fernandez-Marcos. The Translations page outlines the major translations of the Septuagint, some of which will have to be accessed by Inter-Library Loan in WorldCat. The Monographs page lists numerous monographs on translation technique, reception history, theology, and other studies in the Septuagint. The Editions page lists the major critical editions of the Septugaint along with a new reader's edition. The Journals page lists various journals that have articles on Septuagint studies even if articles on the Septuagint are not listed in the sample articles below each journal title.

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