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Research Process: Tertiary Sources

Role of Tertiary Sources

Tertiary Sources

Tertiary sources are dictionaries and encyclopedias. These resources give students an introduction to their subject, various subtopics within a larger topic if they are trying to narrow their topic, and (often) a bibliography with helpful secondary sources. Students should not spend a significant amount of time evaluating tertiary sources. 

Databases for Tertiary Sources

If you are off-campus, you will need to sign into these databases with your moodle information. 

1. Online Resources 

Credo (useful dictionary articles on any subject)

Encyclopedia of African American History

Encyclopedia of Greek Language and Linguistics 

Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics 

Oxford Biblical Studies 

Oxford Encyclopedia of American Literature

Oxford Encyclopedia of Biblical Interpretation 

Oxford Encyclopedia of the Books of the Bible

Oxford Encyclopedia of British Literature 

Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World

Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation  

2. Print Resources 

Please visit the Library Reference Desk and the Library Staff will give you a walk through Reference to find the Dictionaries and Encyclopedias that are relevant to your research. Please also see our Research Guides here for lists of tertiary sources in print that are relevant to your research. You can also search for a general topic in Alcott (e.g., Early Church) and then select "Genres" on the right side of the page and then select Dictionaries or Encyclopedias.