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Research Process: Zotero Citation Software

What is Zotero?

Zotero is free, open-source software. It doesn't cost you anything to download and use it. 

The only costs associated with using Zotero relate to storage costs. When you sign up for a free, online Zotero account, you get a complimentary 300MB of online storage. Should you ever need to upgrade your storage, Zotero offers reasonably priced storage options. 

You're a student. Your life is busy. You need Zotero because your time is valuable. Zotero saves time in several ways.

  • It lets you collect citation information for books and articles with a couple clicks of a mouse. 
  • It enables you to write without having to think about how to cite while you write.
  • It helps you organize your research and keep it long-term.
  • It gives you a tool for taking notes on the articles and books you read.
  • It lets you synchronize your research seamlessly across computers.

How to Use Zotero

1. Ask a Library Assistant at the Reference Desk to show you how to setup and use Zotero.

2. Visit our Zotero Research Guide here. There are a host of videos that explain how to setup and use Zotero on this Research Guide.