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BTI-5100.A. Hermeneutics: Home

An Introduction to helpful resources for BTI-5100.A.

Reference Coordinator

How to Use This Guide

The purpose of this research guide is to help students in BTI-5100.A. Hermeneutics find resources that are required or helpful for their class. It will also provide benefits for those who are not in the class by connecting them with useful tools for interpreting scripture. Each step is outlined and, when necessary, given library materials that would be beneficial for that step. Some steps are just between the interpreter and the text.

Each page is structured so that the reader will start with the top boxes and read those. If two boxes are found side-by-side, then the reader should read the left box first, then the right.

*Most of the written content comes from Dr. Akin's class notes, "Developing the Main Ideas of the Text and Message" parts 1 & 2. These are used with Dr. Akin's permission (Last updated here Fall 2014).