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BTI-5100.A. Hermeneutics: Step 6: Structure the Message

An Introduction to helpful resources for BTI-5100.A.

Structuring the Message Guidelines

  1. Let the structure of the Scriptures (step #2) drive the structure of your Message (step #6).
  2. Have as many major points as the text naturally demands (locate and honor those seams).
  3. Make sure major points and subpoints (if you have them) arise clearly and naturally out of the text. Be able to see your outline in the text.
  4. State your points in the present tense and complete sentences. Be clear, concise and true to the text.
  5. Make your points the application of the message. It will be knowing, doing or both.
  6. Make sure your major points connect with the MIT and the MIM.
  7. Make sure your subpoints connect with the major point they support.

Resources to Help with Structuring and Teaching the Message