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Searching SEBTS Databases: Worldcat

Basics of Worldcat

1. Where to find WorldCat

-You can find WorldCat on our Library Main Page (

2. Why to use WorldCat

-To search our library databases and library databases worldwide

-If you are a distance student, you can search for resources at libraries near you 

3. What WorldCat searches

-Primary use of WorldCat is to find books and inter-library loan (see next video for more info on ILL in WorldCat)

4. How to find results in WorldCat

-Use the limiters on the left-hand side of the page


ILL Through Worldcat

How to request books by ILL in WorldCat

1. Perform a search (e.g., Abrahamic covenant)

2. Select print books on the left hand side of the page

3. Select your item

4. Select "Request item from another library"

5. Fill out the form and click Submit (note how much you are willing to pay if the loan costs money in the "max costs" field; most, but not all, loans are free of charge)

How to request journal articles by ILL in WorldCat

1. Search for the journal title (not journal article title)

2. Select the journal

3. Select "Request item from another library"

4. Fill out the form and at the bottom of the form type in the information about the specific journal article that you need (e.g., article title, author, date of publication, etc.)