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Searching SEBTS Databases: TREN

What is Tren

1. Click "Databases" on the right hand side of the page.

2. Select TREN.

3. When you would use it: a) D.Min student looking for D.Min projects from various institutions and b) Society papers (e.g., ETS papers).

How To Search Tren

Best way to search TREN

1. In TREN

     a. Click "search e-docs."

     b. Search for author or title

     c. Click on the item that you want to download

     d. Click "download now" (pay attention to the password as you will need that when opening the document)

2. In WorldCat

     a. Select Advanced Search in WorldCat

     b. Select All Databases on the right side of the page

     c. Select Theological Research Exchange Network and remove WorldCat

     d. Perform a search

     e. Select a title

     f. Click view item online and it will take you to TREN

     g. Click Add This Digital e-Doc to the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary subscription

     h. Remember the password "sebts" and click "Download Now"

      i. Open the PDF, enter the password, and you will have access to the document