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Searching SEBTS Databases: JSTOR

Searching in JSTOR

1. How to Search/Limit in JSTOR 

        a. Search in "quotation marks" 

        b. Limit by Subject on the left hand side of the page or bottom of the page

        c. Click the desired article and select "Download PDF"

2. How to Search by Subject

        a. Choose the Subject you are looking for on the Subject list on the left side of the page


Saving Results on JSTOR

1. Saving Results

       a. Perform a search

       b. Select an article

        c. Click "Save" on the top right of the article

        d. In the drop down menu, choose "My Space" or "Create a Folder" to save the article


Having a JSTOR Account

1. Create an account

       a. Click "Register" on the top right side of the page

       b. Fill out the registration information

2. Account Management

       a. Use drop down menu on the top right side of the page