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Searching SEBTS Databases: JSTOR

Searching in JSTOR

1. How to Search/Limit in JSTOR 

        a. Search in "quotation marks" 

        b. Limit by Subject on the left hand side of the page or bottom of the page

        c. Click the desired article and select "Download PDF"

2. How to Browse by Journal

        a. Select "Browse" at top of page

        b. Select "Browse by Title"

        c. Select the letter that begins the journal title

        d. Most journals have an embargo for a few years that don't allow students to read the most recent

        articles online for free

3. How to Browse by Subject

        a. Select "Subject" at top of page

        b. Select your desired "Subject"

        c. Select a journal and read the related articles

Having a JSTOR Account

1. Create an account

       a. Click "login" on the top right side of the page

       b. Fill out the registration information

2. Create and to my list

       a. Perform a search

       b. Select an article

       c. On the right side of the page click "Add to my lists"

       d. Return to MyJSTOR and select "My lists" and it should be added

3. Put on shelf (you may want to go to JSTOR's help page and use their wording since I couldn't show it on the video).