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Biblical Manuscripts: Torah Manuscripts

A list of texts that can be found online to aid the study of textual criticism.

Entire Pentateuch

Codex Sassoon 507 (MS5) Or, The Damascus Pentateuch, from around the year 1000, is one of the oldest extant Hebrew biblical manuscripts. It includes full vocalization, accentuation, and Masoretic annotation. The manuscript is defective in its beginning, as it starts with Genesis 9:26 and ends with Deuteronomy; Exodus 18:1–23 is missing. To find out more information visit the World Digital Library.

Multiple Books but Incomplete Pentateuch

Codex B. M. Or. 4445 (MB) Or, London Codex is a codex dating back to 920 or 950 C.E.  It contains portions of the Torah. The manuscript has been digitized and is linked above from the British Library. The first 28 leaves, belonging to the later portion, are much mutilated. The ancient part begins with chapter Genesis 39:20. Deuteronomy.Note: The ancient part ends with chapter 1:33. The rest, belonging to the later portion, is much mutilated. For more information visit the British Library