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Archives and Special Collections at Southeastern: Finding Aids M-Z

This guide is designed to introduce researchers to Archives and Special Collections at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Finding Aids

Archival collections (personal papers and institutional records) are discoverable by using finding aids which provide contextual information about a collection, its components, and the person, family, or organization that created the materials it contains. Finding aids also provide important information about access policies for a collection and usually include an inventory that helps you identify the portions of the collection that are most important for your research.

Explore our finding aids, legacy inventories, and information about new acquisitions below.

M-Z Finding Aids

Maddry, Charles E. papers, 1902-1981, predominant 1908-1920

Charles Maddry was a lifelong minister and executive within the Southern Baptist Convention. He dedicated his life to the ministry and strengthening of local churches in North Carolina, as well as improving the financial condition of the SBC institutions.

Miller, Dallas K. papers, 1981-2000

Dallas K. Miller is a fellow of the International Academy of Christian Apologetics in Strasbourg, France. This collection includes newsletters and articles from the Simon Greenleaf School of Law, which would change its name to Trinity Law School in 1997 and contains audio cassettes of courses on apologetics taught by John Warwick Montgomery.

Montgomery, John Warwick papers, 1934–2003, predominant 1953–2000

John Warwick Montgomery is a noted lawyer, Lutheran Theologian, professor, and prolific writer. He is one of the leading evangelical apologists and thinkers of the later-half of the 20th century - early 21st century. This collection contains paper documents, audio-cassette tapes, reel-to-reel audio tapes, video-cassette tapes, and books, dating from 1934–2013. The collection reflects Montgomery’s student and personal life, his teaching/preaching ministry, his activities as a lawyer and administrator, and his work as an author. It documents how Montgomery’s legal expertise, encyclopedic knowledge, and keen wit have influenced a generation of evangelical scholars.

Owens, M. O. papers, 1943-2011

M. O. Owens served over fifty years in the pastoral ministry serving Baptist churches in South Carolina, Florida, and predominantly North Carolina. M. O. also served at various times in denominational and academic positions. He was, for examples, a member of the General Board of the North Carolina Baptist State Convention, a member of the Sunday School Board (SBC), a North Carolina Director on the Home Mission Board; a trustee of Gardner-Webb College; and a faculty member at Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute. He was a leader in the Conservative Resurgence within the SBC as founder and first president of Baptists United, founder and first president of The Baptist Faith and Message Fellowship, founder and first Chairman of the Trustees of the Southern Baptist Advocate, and founder and first president of Conservative Carolina Baptists. This collection contains a variety of correspondence, articles, periodicals, and records of conservative organizations and publications within the Southern Baptist Convention such as the Baptists United, the Baptist Faith and Message Fellowship, Conservative Carolina Baptists, and the Southern Baptist Advocate. Audio recordings of Owens' sermons and radio addresses as well as a few photographs are also included.

Parker, Monroe papers, 1945-1992

Monroe Parker was a noted evangelist within Independent Fundamentalist Baptist circles. During the course of his career, he served in several capacities at Bob Jones University, including assistant to Bob Jones, as well as General Director of the Baptist World Mission.

Parker, Thomas papers, 1976-1990, predominant 1980-1988

This collection contains one box of materials related to the ministry of Thomas Parker Sr. and Thomas Parker Jr. and their involvement in the development of the conservative newspaper, the Southern Baptist Advocate.

Pressler, Paul papers, 1873-2013, predominant 1952-2013

Judge Paul Pressler is a former Texas District Court and Appeals Court Judge, and a key leader in the Conservative Resurgence in the Southern Baptist Convention. This collection contains news clippings, periodicals, audio-cassette tapes, video-cassette tapes, compact disks, books, and other materials dating from 1873–2013 that were collected by Paul Pressler. It is a vast resource of information on both sides of the SBC controversy. Unique to this collection are a number of audio cassette recordings of Judge Pressler’s Crown Sunday School class. In addition to documenting the Conservative Resurgence, this collection documents the political activities/campaigns of Judge Pressler, and includes twenty-two volumes of West’s Texas Cases containing cases written by him. Two office chairs and a desk are also part of the collection.

Primm, Gerald C., 1881-2007, predominant 1956-2007

Gerald C. Primm was a leading figure within North Carolina Baptist circles and a leading figure of the conservative resurgence within the Southern Baptist Convention. He was a United States Army veteran, an advocate of racial equality, and committed to the ideals of a conservative interpretation of the Bible.

Randolph Baptist Association records, 1946-2008

The Randolph Baptist Association began its meetings in North Carolina in 1935 at Bulah Baptist Church. In 1935, 28 churches comprised this association, and by 2001, the association grew 64% to include 46 churches. Geographically, the majority of churches in the Association are located in Randolph County, North Carolina, but a few are located in Chatham County and Davidson County, North Carolina. These records contain Randolph Baptist Association's newsletters (bulletins), conference documents, and stationary, as well as select programs, annuals, and directories from the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. The format of all material is text and the items are arranged chronologically by series. 

Registrar Office records, 1950 - 2018​

These records consist of documents produced by the Registrar Office of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and include directories, catalogs, student handbooks and commencement programs from the founding of the seminary in 1950 - 2018.

Robinson, Maurice papers, 1982-1998

Maurice Robinson (1947-) is a Greek and New Testament scholar who taught at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (1991-2016). Series one contains copies of the Textus Receptus (Oxford 1873) text with handwritten annotations. Series two consists of SEBTS correspondence related to the Conservative Resurgence and series three contains a copy of Dr. Robinson's dissertation from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Rogers, Max papers, 1937-1961

This collection contains the class notes of former Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary professor and noted Old Testament scholar, Max Rogers. Within this collection are Rogers’ own notes taken over the course of his education, and also some of his lecture materials. 

Sailhamer, John H. papers, 1514-2017, predominant 1970-2010

John H. Sailhamer was a noted Old Testament and Hebrew scholar. He dedicated his life to the study of the ancient Scriptures in their original language. A lifelong educator and academic, Sailhammer amassed an impressive personal library, which comprises part of this collection.

Sandy Creek Baptist Association records, 1859-2013

The Sandy Creek Baptist Association is the oldest Baptist association in North Carolina and fourth in the nation, being formed in 1758. The association is known for its missional focus which began with its creator, Shubal Stearns. The records date from 1859 to 2013 and are arranged in three series: Southern Baptist Convention and Baptist State Convention of North Carolina records, the Sandy Creek Baptist Association records, and the member church records. The second series contains the majority of the material. Researchers will find information on the history of the Southern Baptist Convention and the Baptist Convention of NC from the 1970's to the 1990's; the growth, change, and impact of the Sandy Creek Baptist Association, and the history of the association's mission work, both foreign and domestic. The collection consists primarily of paper documents, but also includes newspaper clippings, books, blueprints, photographs, and other artifacts.

Schaeffer, Francis A. papers, 1822-1999, predominant 1935-1984

This collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, annotated periodicals and books, research notes, audio recordings, films, and other materials ranging from 1822-1999 (predominantly from 1935-1984)  that were created and collected by Francis A. Schaeffer. These papers represent the bulk of Schaeffer's personal papers accumulated throughout his lifetime, and, as such, they document many different facets of his work and ministry. Papers in the collection document Schaeffer's communication with Christian leaders and those seeking his advice, his assessment of cultural ideas and trends in the margins of periodicals, books, and other publications, and the development of his own lectures and publications throughout the editing process. The audio recordings in the collection document Schaeffer's lectures, many of which were made available during his lifetime through the L'Abri Tape Library, as well as previously unavailable recordings of Saturday Night Talks and other group discussions between Schaeffer and visitors at L'Abri.

Scoggin, B. Elmo papers,1930–2008, predominant 1950–2008

B. Elmo Scoggin was pastor, author, civic and community leader, archaeologist, and professor of Hebrew and Old Testament at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary for 34 years. This small collection contains sermons, manuscripts, and other materials collected by Hannah Scoggin which were intended to reflect Dr. Scoggin’s community involvement, personal achievements, and writing.

Stealey, Sydnor L. presidential records

Sydnor L. Stealey was a Southern Baptist pastor and professor of Church History who was the first president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and served from 1951-1963. This collection contains correspondence as well as other material related to Dr. Stealey's time as SEBTS president. 

Taylorsville Baptist Campmeeting collection, 1998-2003

The Taylorsville Baptist Campmeeting is a two week event that originated in Taylorsville, NC by Devon Dyson, Henkle Little, and James Lockee in 1963. The Campmeeting functions as a conference for preachers by preachers for edification and spiritual revival in the ministry. This collection provides audio cassettes of the messages that were preached at the Campmeetings from 1998-2003. It also features the audio cassettes of musical performances held at the events.

Tolbert, Malcolm O. slide collection

Malcolm O. Tolbert was a Baptist missionary, seminary professor, pastor, and author. This collection includes photographic slides from Malcolm O. Tolbert taken while in Europe, Brazil, and Portugal ranging from 1950 to 1967. These photographic slides highlight popular travel destinations and iconic sites as well as Baptist missions work in Brazil.

Turner, J. Clyde papers, 1870–1974, predominant 1899–1967

J. Clyde Turner was a Baptist pastor, a Southern Baptist Convention statesman, and an author. Most notably, he served as pastor of First Baptist Church, Greensboro, NC, for thirty-eight years (1910–1948). He authored six books on doctrinal issues, including Soul-Winning Doctrines (1943), Our Baptist Heritage (1945), The New Testament Doctrine of the Church (1951), and These Things We Believe (1956). This collection contains primarily ministry related materials, chiefly sermon manuscripts and outlines spanning sixty-plus years (1903–1967), plus a few books and pictures.

Wake Cross Roads Baptist Church Dr. Akin Lectures collection

Two binders containing CDs and printed notes from classes taught by Dr. Daniel Akin at Wake Cross Roads Baptist Church ca. 2000-2010. The binders are titled - "Christian Doctrine: A 22 Part Study of Systematic Theology" and "Through the New Testament: A 27 Part Survey of the New Testament."

Weatherspoon, Jesse B. papers, 1922-1960

Jesse Burton Weatherspoon (1886-1964) was born in Durham County, North Carolina. He received his ThD from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) in 1911 and served as a pastor in North Carolina and Kentucky. This collection contains two boxes of paper material related to the life and ministry of Jesse B. Weatherspoon who served as professor of preaching at Southeastern Seminary from 1959-1964.

Williams II, William Harrison papers, 1866-1969

William Harrison Williams, Jr. (1879-1974), was a Baptist minister, a pastor of Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church, Charlotte, North Carolina, and a trustee of Wingate College. This collection contains two boxes of paper material related both to his life and that of his father, William Harrison Williams, who served as a chaplain in the Civil War and graduated from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.